What People Are Saying

I've been working with Jermain for the last six months.  I was looking for something different than the regular gym routine.  Jermain brings a who new level of exercising and healthy living.  I had issues with my IT-band and Jermain was able to help me work it out with intense stretching.  I have also enjoyed working with him doing handstands.  I would never have thought doing handstands could be such a great workout.  I highly recommend seeing the guys at Gravity Fitness.  They have a vast knowledge in fitnesss and health.

Tim Turner

Jermain has helped me make amazing strides in my flexibility!  He has helped my handstand form dramatically.  With his instruction I have been able to push past where I thought I could go and sink lower into my middle splits than ever before. I highly recommend trying one of his classes, it will be better and more personalized than any regular workout class you take!!!

Jennifer Ashland

Currently, I am recovering from a dislocated shoulder that caused trauma in my neck and shoulder area. Noel has developed a plan for strengthening my injury, as well as my core strength in general. I am very pleased with the comprehensive series of movements that he has put together for me. It has increased my confidence in my healing process. I am grateful to have this level of support from Noel.

Laura Ike