Our Philosophy

Let Training Evolve Like You

Do you want want to have more control over your body's potential? Do you want to get the most fit you can be?  Do you want to have fun doing it?

Getting strong, reaching new lengths, and laughing all along the way is what we're about at Gravity.  We're proud to form Charleston's first calisthenics studio devoted to taking an unorthodox approach towards promoting mobility, strength, and balance.  Our training programs incorporate all kinds of drills and techniques from assisted stretching to adult gymnastics.  We incorporate everything from yoga and stretching classes to personal training in order to deliver high quality workouts that'll put you on the fast track towards passing your limitations and uncovering true personal strengths!

The methods we use at Gravity are what make us unique. We learn what’s important to you and tailor our training to your needs and interests.  With our intimate setting and small group fitness class sizes you'll also receive a higher quality of care and personal training.  This allows us to help you achieve your goals and support your fitness transformation. We have everything you need—knowledge, experience, and space.


Meet Our Team

Jermain Singleton

Take strength, confidence, compassion, wisdom, authenticity  and whisk in a cup of cool you'll get a coach like Jermain.  He is both a Certified Personal Trainer and a Professional Acrobatic Performer.  His hobbies include Acro-Yoga, salsa dancing, and balancing on his hands.

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Sprinkle a dash of intensity into a bowl half full of oat-filled calm and you'll get a body worker like Noel. He brings loads from experience as an Advanced Rolfer, Certified Personal Trainer, and Yoga Teacher.  His hobbies include kettlebell juggling, hiking, and hanging from things.

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Our Story

Gravity Fitness is the product of our love and passion for all things fitness.  We have been involved in training and athletics since we were children and fully understand the value it has for people, not just physically, but in all aspects of life.  

We are both born and raised around Charleston, South Carolina.  Our interests were very similar. We both ventured into the world of bodybuilding, weight lifting, mixed martial arts, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu at early ages.  Our paths crossed in 2013 when we both ventured into the world of yoga, assisted stretching, gymnastics, and mobility practices.  We began working together in 2016 in order to share ideas while training for skills rather than for sports.  We sought to counter all of the negative effects years of high impact and high intensity training had on our bodies.  

Before we knew it we reached ranges in our bodies we never before thought were possible.  We also saw improvements in the activities we used to practice, including having less pain while doing them.  We realized quickly we were on to something and wanted to share it with others.  Social media became one of our means to share but only so much could be done online.  We knew we needed a studio and a place we could finally call our own after years of gym hopping and park circling.  

Now that dream has turned into a reality with Gravity Fitness and it's open for us to share!