Each and every class is different yet we maintain focus and cultivate progress by keeping the themes consistent. Below is a list and descriptions of the types of themes behind the practices you'll find at Gravity:

Image by Dane Wetton
Image by Jesper Aggergaard


Gravity's signature stretching practice designed for promoting overall flexibility and a stronger range of motion through a sequential application of assisted

stretches and mobility drills.


Gravity has its take on bodyweight training as well, otherwise known as calisthenics.  These workouts focus on developing strength in specific areas for total body strength and functional movements.

Image by Ginny Rose Stewart


Rest and recovery is just as much a part of a fitness regimen than anything else.  With Gravity's recovery practices you'll be able to knead out restrictions and flush out your mind with yoga flows, meditations, rehab, and "pre-hab".

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One thing Gravity trains most is bodyweight training and we have fun doing it! These practices help you find and develop the skills needed to find stability in more ways than one.

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights
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Gravity's training sessions invite you to learn how to handle a little extra load through free weights and your own bodyweight.  These workouts are designed to promote both strength and mobility while giving you a sweat. 


One of Gravity's principles is simply "Do different."  This essentially means we like to play, try to learn new skills, and support others in their interests.  Activities include juggling, movement jams, martial arts, "Acrojams", and more.